Cubism 2.0

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Janet McKenzie reviews Cubism 2.0 at Hanina Fine Arts, London, on view through July 8, 2015. The show features works by André Beaudin, Étienne Béothy, Róbert Bérény, Jacques Busse, Youla (Jules) Chapoval, Serge Charchoune, Jean Chevolleau, Jean Isy De Botton, Maurice-Henri Gaudefroy, Léon Gischia, Gino Gregori, Raymond Guerrier, André Lhote, Bill Parker, Ferdinand Parpan, Jean Signovert, and Claude Venard.

McKenzie writes that the exhibition "brings together artists whose work explores the possibilities opened up by the cubists’ removal of the restriction to a single viewpoint perspective. Drawing on its own collection for Cubism 2.0, Hanina Fine Arts does not attempt to enter into the complex documentation of the movement; rather it presents 18 works by artists from France, Hungary, Russia and the US who shared the aims of cubism as applied to landscape, still-life and quotidian life."

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