Dan McCleary : “Panel Discussion”

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Christopher Knight reviews Dan McCleary's exhibition at Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica. The show features McCleary's "Panel Discussion," a painting of a panel of speakers such as one might encounter at any academic or business conference. 

Knight notes that "The painting's composition obviously derives from Renaissance frescoes that depict the Last Supper… 'Panel Discussion' owes a lot to Andrea del Sarto's early-16th century version of Jesus' final meal, in which the mystery of the Eucharist was presented to his disciples and which Andrea painted on the refectory wall of a monastery and convent in Florence." 

What's equally striking is the flourescent lit, neutral conference table still life of throwaway cups, simple flowers, a laptop, and office supplies.  Knight writes "the colored shadows cast by Styrofoam coffee cups, the manila folder, shirt collars and such are among the painting's loveliest passages."

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