Dan Ramirez: Interview

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Julie Karabenick interviews painter Dan Ramirez whose work was recently on view in the exhibition Dan Ramirez [Epoche] Recent Paintings at Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, Chicago.

Asked about his motivations, Ramirez comments: "I’ve never been someone who can begin a painting by saying, 'I’ll begin with a couple of circles.' I’ve always had to have something to investigate, something to explore and get me started. It might be an essay or poem I’ve read, architecture or painting from another era, or a piece of music that moves me… I love to paint, and for me there’s also mystery in the process itself. When I paint I experience a constant back-and-forth between ideas and feelings, materials and techniques. Something comes to mind that leads me to make a literal move on the canvas. As I add more elements, the painting becomes more interesting to me. New things arise, there are surprises, and I discover more and more implications of my original thoughts and intentions. It’s a continual process of creation and discovery."

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