Dan Walsh: Interview

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George Stolz's interview with painter Dan Walsh, posted on the occasion of his recent exhibition of paintings at Elvira Gonzalez, Madrid.

Walsh comments: "There is a way of painting that is very much about the elemental, step-by-step methological commitment. Whereas color for me is exactly the opposite. I am hiding under a very methological approach and what many would say is programmatic. But what I am getting out of color is I think quite romantic and quite exploratory compared to the brush marks themselves. It’s how much transparency I use and the color combinations and the — I don’t want to say quirky color but I have been in some very unusual situations color-wise. And I think because of transparency and the formats I can get away with with certain kind of color situations that I would bet that a lot of other artists can’t handle. It’s because of my knitting, because of my process. I think that’s important to separate these two."

Another exhibition, Dan Walsh: Table of Contents, is on view at Fondation Speerstra, Switzerland.

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