Daniel Buren: In Situ

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Andrew Russeth previews a two gallery exhibition of work by Daniel Buren: Electricity … Fabric … Paint … Paper … Vinyl: Works in Situ & Situated Works From 1968-2013 at Bortolami and Petzel Gallery, New York, both on view January 10 – February 16, 2013.

Russeth writes that both shows include "installations made with striped paper… when the exhibition closes on Feb. 16, all of the paper will simply be thrown out. They are what Mr. Buren calls in situ pieces, works designed for a specific location. Once the papers are taken off the wall, their short lives as artworks are over… 'My painting, at the limit, can only signify itself,' Mr. Buren told an interviewer in 1968, as the group [BMPT] was gaining attention. 'It is. So much so, and so well, that anyone can make it and claim it.' "

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