Daniel Lefcourt: Modeling Art

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Lucy Li reviews an exhibition of works by Daniel Lefcourt at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York, on view through July 19, 2013.

Li writes: "The paintings in the Cast series have clinical, gently descriptive subtitles such as 'Impressions at a Distance' and 'Points in a Coordinate System.' Created with an industrial paint pigment called PBK31 (perylene green-black) and urethane, the canvas surface appears to have a mossy texture, put into stark relief by pristine, pale birch MDF frames. The surface oozes with what could be masses of microscopic life forms or rich, anonymous activity in a magnified drop of viscous murk. However, this evocation of 'natural' fluidity and entropy is mediated by a painstaking digital imaging process, which manages these visuals without overlooking the material’s unpredictability. Lefourt makes visible what is invisible by a series of jumps between digital media and physical construction. Images of transient, microscopic activity are captured using a macro lens digital camera, and later recreated through a complex combination of digital 3D modeling, sculptural casting, and a meticulous process of adhering a sheet of calculated relief paint onto canvas."

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