Dannielle Tegeder @ Gregory Lind

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David M. Roth reviews the exhibition Dannielle Tegeder: The Library of Abstract Sound at Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, on view through November 30, 2013.

Roth writes that Tegeder's "compositions, while precisely balanced, have a provisional feel, as if the elements were interchangeable, modular. But, as with everything Tegeder does, the [Library of Abstract Sound] suite takes on power when viewed as a collective whole, not as a series of discrete compositions. The same holds for the larger drawings. They employ the same forms, but appear on grounds of solid, strong colors – colors that by all rights should influence our emotional responses, but don’t. Instead, we’re struck more by how the shapes interact, with how lines move through space and swerve into riotous, cubist clusters or disappear into irregularly shaped solids. Overall, these are spooky pictures. They speak of an underworld, of things concealed yet palpably real."

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