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David Hockney: Interview

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Lita Barrie reviews David Hockney: Painting and Photography at LA Louver (on view through September 19, 2015) and talks to David Hockney and Peter Goulds about the painting, photography, and digital media.

Barrie writes: "Hockney's new work is a playful critique of the limitations of photography, that captures fascinating things a fixed perspective can never capture–multiple vanishing points, altered perspectives, different moments of time, emotional resonances–which keep the eye alive. Seen together, the paintings and digital "photographic drawings" in this exhibition have a coherence that goes beyond individual pieces to retain our interest."

In the subsequent conversation, Hockney comments: "There are thousands of perspectives–not just one–everywhere you look. Perspective doesn't exist in nature. It is just a convention, but it is a convention now that is fixed with photography. When it was fixed with painting, painters could bend it… and did. Painters always bent perspective. But chemical photography cannot, and that has dominated the 20th century. But now we are in the digital age, and digits have much more information."

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