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David Humphrey: Interview

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Craig Drennen interviews painter David Humphrey about his work. Humprey's exhibition Blind Handshake is on view at Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta through March 29, 2014.

Humphrey comments: "I’ve worked with this crude binary of ‘Where is it?’ and ‘Who’s in it?’ for many years. Sometimes the location acts as a protagonist and the characters might be passive witnesses. I’m continuing to work with the image of the spectator as protagonist. Often it’ll be as simple as somebody in the picture looking at something, like an overturned cement truck or a closed door… One of the ways I tend to work is to develop an image in search for what it could possibly mean. So while I’m working on it I have trouble summarizing what it’s about or putting it into any kind of context because the process is an occasion to have an adventure… It’s a challenge to craft an open-ended painting situation so that possibilities emerge. Reflecting on the condition of the spectator is broad enough to do that. I guess something I’ve come back to over and over is an attempt to stage intersubjectivity-what happens between people."

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