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David Mann: Interview

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Alicia DeBrincat interviews painter David Mann about his work. An exhibition of his paintings was recently on view at McKenzie Fine Art, New York,

Mann comments that his work are "really about perception, the experience of abstraction and dealing with the medium of paint and the qualities and characteristics that can be investigated and realized through paint… the sense of light for instance in the paintings. That really has to do with the viscous and transparent quality of glazes, the luminosity of oil paint in substance and in color, rather than, say a landscape painter, who’s painting in plein air, and who would paint light hitting the side of a tree trunk very literally, how they observe the light. The process in my case is through creating a situation in which light is bouncing off the bottom surface of the painting and back through all these glazes. It’s the difference between reflected light and transmitted light." He continues: "There seems to be two basic facets to my work. There are these paintings that have a central, circular or elliptical space, and there are others that are more all-over. I think of these as sort of 'network' paintings. They suggest they go beyond the edges of the canvas, and that it’s a continual kind of network. The decision is to do one or the other. And the decision to do the central one involves a decision to have the forms either move into the space or explode out."

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