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Deborah Brown: In Process

Image coming soon.

In the first post in a new blog series "focusing on process oriented painters," Paul Behnke showcases the development of a painting by Deborah Brown, "an accomplished painter who's works explore the industrial landscape of car salvage lots, scrap metal yards and fabrication shops in Bushwick…"

Brown comments on her process: "While I am working, I often turn the paintings upside down and work on them from another vantage point, which provides me with a fresh perspective and subverts the choices I make habitually and uncritically. This was the case with 'Slag,' which changed orientation, color and spatial organization many times. I use vigorous additive and subtractive paint application to alter, conceal and reveal traces of the painting’s history. What emerges is a hybrid of the mechanical   the organic—a metaphor for contemporary human reality."

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