Deborah Rosenthal: Velocity of Vision

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Rebecca Allan reviews the recent exhibition Deborah Rosenthal: Geography at Bowery Gallery, New York.

Allan writes that the paintings on view continue Rosenthal's "ongoing exploration of the nature of time, landscape, family bonds, and metaphors of sight and sensation … Rosenthal is perpetually concerned with the “what-ifs” of the painting process. She considers the velocity with which our vision moves across a painted surface as well as the relationship of the center of vision to the periphery. Her attention to facture is evident in paint surfaces that are texturally rich and varied. I have always appreciated how Rosenthal arrives at the colors that we perceive. Look closely and you will see, as in Pierre Bonnard, that what appear to be shapes of solid color are actually shifting strokes, daubs, and veils of various hues that coalesce in the upper layers."

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