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Deborah Zlotsky: Colliding Forms

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A reflection on Deborah Zlotsky's paintings, seen in the 2011 exhibition Adjacent Possibilities at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, New York.

"Zlotsky pays attention to color, line and shape, but more importantly to depth. We can clearly identify geometric shapes, but their outlines take surprising turns that suggest receding and advancing forms. Usually this sensation is fortified when a lighter shape is contrasted by a darker value of the same color… As a result, the painted shapes take on a third dimension: they point beyond their placement within the frame and they point back to what lies behind them. In case of Waiting Room it is a glimpse of what could be seen as a light blue background in the lower and upper corners of the painting. In some instances the light blue cuts through the amassed forms causing a flow of air and making the composition seem lighter and less congested. Whatever it is we are looking at, it breathes."

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