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Debra Ramsay & Alex Paik @ TSA

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Carl Belz writes about the work of Debra Ramsay and Alex Paik for their exhibition Generative Processes at TSA Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn, on view from February 20 to March 29, 2015.

Belz writes: "Both of these artists employ a conceptual system of one kind or another to generate and guide their work and – especially significant in the context of their urge toward an ego-less art – to rein in and structure the decisions affecting the work’s spectrum of thought and feeling, which in turn determine its character. In doing so they manifest the conviction that meaningful artistic freedom is secured only within limitations – as in life, so in art – and without them would be, and would be perceived, as merely personal and arbitrary. The artists’ aim in approaching systematically the creative process is not to annihilate the authorial ego, but to acknowledge its humanity."

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