Derrick Quevedo: Interview

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Valerie Brennan interviews painter Derrick Quevedo about his work and process.

Quevedo comments: "I prefer straight edges, squeegees, and palette knives over brushes and pull a color across the canvas. Sometimes a single color gets put over the ground; other times I pull wet on wet and have colors mix on the surface. Those are my favorite moments of the process; when the earliest color interactions occur, when you observe the sensations on the surface and notice their effect on your condition, when you're tuning in to their frequencies like a knob on the radio. I'm an intuitive painter and love the uncertainty of pulling paint across the surface. It emphasizes paint as a separate entity from yourself, not completely under your control. The surface gets covered through teamwork; a developed interaction between the traits and trappings of a human and an inanimate substance."

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