Diana Horowitz: Interview

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Larry Groff interviews painter Diana Horowitz about her work.

Horowitz remarks: "I tend to be an intuitive person and painter. I often find that careful measuring takes me away from my natural way of seeing so I tend to avoid doing too much of it… I usually don’t invent things or move things, but I will bend or stretch or shrink things to fit a compositional need, not always consciously… I do paint a lot at street level and have over the years, but I have loved being high up for as long as I can remember… I believe my first 10 years living in Washington Heights at one of the highest points in Manhattan with a view from the ninth floor toward the Cloisters created some kind of archetypal inner landscape. I actually often dream about being high up looking out that ninth-floor window. I think the way things flatten out and become abstracted in the distance is part of what has attracted me to the distant views."

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