Diana Horowitz @ Lori Bookstein Gallery

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Peter Malone reviews the recent exhibition Diana Horowitz: Italian Landscapes at Lori Bookstein Gallery, New York.

Malone writes: "These little pictures are more than charming in their own right; they present a lesson in the demanding realities of one of painting’s more difficult methods. Everything about these works reflects the artist’s dedication to a process, the complexity of which is easily underappreciated. Close inspection of their palm-of-the-hand dimensions yields an intimate and carefully observed series of views. At the same time, a narrative of sorts unfolds, following the artist’s daily circumambulation of the lake’s eccentric shoreline. Each small rectangle makes an episodic advance toward the vast space Horowitz re-creates in the viewer’s mind and also serves to track the artist’s movement from one vantage point to the next."

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