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Diebenkorn’s Fields of Silence

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Deborah Barlow writes about the her experiences viewing Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park paintings on view at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. through Septmber 23, 2012.

Barlow notes that a "facet of this work and this artist that is important to not overlook is what Ocean Park has come to say about Diebenkorn himself. He had a dogged commitment to his own vision of things. He wasn’t belligerent or a contrarian, but he stubbornly followed his own path. In a filmed interview that accompanies the show, Diebenkorn answers a question about who the audience for his work is by stating, 'I paint for an 'ideal viewer.' ' After a brief pause he wryly added, 'And that ideal viewer just may be me.' "

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