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Double Vision

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Andy Parkinson blogs about the exhibition Double Vision, curated by Katrina Blannin, at at Lion and Lamb Gallery, London, on view through July 14, 2012.

Parkinson writes that the show's title "alludes to 'notions of double layering in painting, whether material, compositional or theoretical.' It explores binary oppositions like figure/ground, surface/depth, symmetry/asymmetry and chance/system, oppositions that are, in a sense, combined or held together, which in language might be oxymoronic but in painting seems perfectly natural. I wonder if we might even say that holding together opposites and exploiting ambiguities in relation to them is what abstract painting does best."

The exhibition includes work by Chris Baker, Dominic Beattie, Isha Bøhling, Ian Bottle, Alice Browne, Simon Callery, Keith Coventry, Natalie Dower, Tom Hackney,  Jumpei Kinoshita, Hannah Knox, John McLean, Sarah McNulty, Neil Mendock, Mali Morris, Jost Münster, Selma Parlour, Geoff Rigden, Dan Roach, Danny Rolph, David Ryan, Estelle Thompson, Julian Wakelin and Katrina Blannin.

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