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Dushko Petrovich: Interview

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Bean Gilsdorf interviews artist Dushko Petrovich about his work.

Petrovich comments: "I’m certainly into tactile, visceral pleasure, I’m into color, into moving things around, all these things that happen while you paint. But I get irritated with the specialness of painting—it’s bizarre, overemphasized. There’s a Polish poet named Adam Zagajewski who wrote an essay called 'Against Poetry' simply because he was so against all the pro-poetry essays. It’s a 'lady doth protest too much' scenario—if we can’t be bored with painting, if it has to be this magical process all the time, then there’s probably something wrong with how we’re engaging it. The crucial idea that painting gave me was that you could make some kind of crucial statement on your own terms. Other people might have gotten that from graphic design or sculpture, but I happen to have gotten that from being in a studio by myself, painting."

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