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Dying on Stage: New Painting in New York

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Thomas Micchelli reviews Dying on Stage: New Painting in New York, curated by Kyle Chayka, at Garis & Hahn, on view through July 20, 2013.

Micchelli writes that the show, which features works by Ariel Dill, Clare Grill, Kristina Lee, Sarah Faux, and Tatiana Berg, "is predicated on the belief that 'mundanely subjective perceptions can yield extraordinary insights,' and it succeeds within its own boundaries. While those boundaries are rather narrow, in a broader context Casualism, with its humble anti-heroics, acts as a necessary corrective to the overblown production values that have carried away most of the market’s high end as well as the lion’s share of media attention. Casualism’s importance lies as much in the immediate, restorative transaction between artist and artwork as it does in its philosophical open-endedness."

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