Eleanor Ray: Interview

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Aubrey Levinthal conducts a short interview with painter Eleanor Ray. Ray's work is currently on view in the exhibition dooroomwindow at Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects, New York, through May 26, 2013. The exhibition features the work of Jane Dickson, Bill Rice, Kurt Knobelsdorf, Gideon Bok, Eleanor Ray and Stephanie Pierce.

Ray comments: "Painting a familiar place becomes easier for me when it appears unfamiliar, usually because I am seeing something more basic — its abstract qualities — rather than my particular associations with the place. I find that I can see places more clearly when I'm a bit removed from them — if I'm returning after a long absence, for example, or if I'm simply seeing the place in a new kind of weather, out of the corner of my eye, or through a window. I often become more interested in painting the places I've lived after moving away from them."

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