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Elusive Geometries: Don Voisine & Ken Greenleaf

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Carl Belz blogs about formal connections in the works of painters Don Voisine and Ken Greenleaf.

Belz writes: "As surely as images precede words, just as surely are formal issues bound to content, to enabling its articulation and earning its credibility, to testing and stretching its reach while acknowledging its limits and thereby tethering it to lived experience. In a modern world where all experience is problematic, those acknowledgments–of painting’s flatness, for instance–aim not inward to provide hermetic, self-indulgent, art for art’s sake contemplation, as we’re often told, but outward to provide frameworks for the expression of thoughts and feelings that we as beholders are in turn free to know, not in the way we know matters of opinion but in the way we know matters of fact, which is with the conviction that they are neither arbitrary nor merely personal but objective–and true."

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