Emily Mason: Tone Control

Jackson Arn reviews Emily Mason: The Thunder Hurried Slow at Miles McEnery Gallery, New York.

Arn observes: “Working your way from the left to the right side of the small, square ‘Like Some Old Fashioned Miracle’ (1972-74), you first find bright yellow and blue cheek to cheek with hunter green, simple as two plus three equals five. In the center, everything goes wonky. The blue ripens, the shade of green switches from hunter to rusty penny, and the yellow disappears altogether, only to emerge on the other side bearing a little penny rust itself. The shapes are solid-looking for the most part but a little fuzzy around the edges, as though eroded by the elements… The wonder of this painting is that, by not trying to overwhelm, Mason overwhelms. Time, and the way it chews at the grand and the modest with the same appetite, is her subject.”