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Emyr Williams: Studio Visit

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John Bunker, Anne Smart, Anthony Smart, Robin Greenwood, Sarah Greenwood, and Alexandra Harley visit the studio of painter Emyr Williams.

Asked about an interest in controlling elements in the paintings, Williams remarks that control in painting means "Having an intent, so it’s not random. It’s the choice of how I want particular colours to appear… do I want to see what is underneath it… do I want it to be very matte, or have a slight sheen to it? These are questions about the quality of the paint I’m going to create, so it’s not randomly done. I’m trying to get hold of these things, give them a quality, to an expressive end, that gives you a different experience of the colour, ‘tempered’ in some way, so that you don’t take it for granted." Williams also comments that he wants "to surprise myself. It has to be more than is in my mind; it has to be something I have no clue about. Trying to make the ‘what ifs’ happen; and it is more instinctive than that. Having got that blue and then wanting the pink in there [in ‘Stepaway'], it’s a question of how you are going to do it?"

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