Eric Mack & Ashlynn Browning @ Whitespace

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Tom Berlangero reviews the exhibition Surfaces + Structures: Works by Ashlynn Browning and Eric Mack at Whitespace, Atlanta, on view through March 29, 2014.

Berlangero writes that the show "teases out parallels in the two artist’s practices, while allowing them to remain decidedly distinct. In concert with each other, the two bodies of work begin to speak to the way in which forms grow, move, and multiply, either in fields of textured and fractured shapes or in cumbersome yet self-assured forms that establish themselves in fits and starts… In both artists’ work, composition in the sense of structure and placement seems less important than processes of growth. Overall, the show is less about the provisional structures that populate the work as it is about generative processes that overflow their boundaries. Works seem to follow either the momentum of a formal progression or the internal inclinations of a form."

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