Etel Adnan @ Galerie Lelong

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Alexis Clements reviews works by Etel Adnan at Galerie Lelong, New York, on view through May 8, 2015.

Clements writes: "On Adnan’s uncluttered canvases the color vibrates and pulses with an ecstatic fluorescence that lends many of the abstract works on display an energy and life that I could not look away from… Beyond Adnan’s use of color, one of the things that struck me most about the show at Lelong is the intense economy of her work. Not only are the works of a small scale (few of the paintings exceed 13 x 16 inches), but the paint is generally applied in only one layer… There are no obvious edits and changes in her work, no excess — instead, there seems to be a patient clarity, a practiced hand and mind."

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