Eugène Leroy and the Fle(mi)sh Figure

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An essay on the French painter Eugène Leroy by Gwenael Kerlidou, a Brooklyn-based French painter as well as Leroy's former student.

As Kerlidou describes him Leroy was a "painter of mostly semi-abstract figures in the Flemish expressionist tradition and a humanist in the vein of the late Rembrandt… he avoided both Cubism and Surrealism and never fully embraced abstraction or renounced the figure. This is what sets him apart from others of his generation, but also because he always gave precedence to human content over the rhetoric of style and insisted on the practice of painting as an act of faith."

View a great image gallery of the exhibtion Eugène Leroy, Centenary on view through October 4, 2011 at MUba Tourcoing, France.

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