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Evan Fugazzi @ Gross McCleaf

Stan Mir reviews an exhibition of new paintings by Evan Fugazzi at Gross McCleaf Gallery, Philadelphia, on view through March 30, 2019.

Mir observes: “Color has become the driving force of [Fugazzi’s] work. His aesthetic commitment calls to mind Stanley Whitney, who has continued to distinguish himself as a ‘call and response’ painter. As the elder painter describes it in a biographical statement for the Berggruen Gallery, ‘One color calls forth another. Color dictates the structure, not the other way around.’ Fugazzi’s bucking of conventional notions of form is both liberating and inspiring — particularly considering his training at the very traditional Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. His freedom becomes the viewer’s freedom. We aren’t beholden to the way that one line meets another. We are given the pleasure of experiencing how each color helps to define the others.”

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