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Eve Aschheim: Interview

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John Seed interviews painter Eve Aschheim on the occasion of the exhibition Eve Aschheim / Ying Li: Recent Paintings is on view at the New York Studio School on view through July 20, 2013.

Aschheim comments: "Much art is concerned with static and defined forms. I am interested in a more active situation, in which the structures are actually in states of transition. So you see it one way and then another way without being able to settle on a final image. I think this comes from many things. In Either/Or, Kierkegaard says that as we make choices for one direction, we eliminate the others. In painting, I thought we could have both. In The Interpretation of Dreams, Freud writes that there is no 'either' and no 'or,' only 'and,' in dreams because images can't be withdrawn. I wondered if I could have 'either,' 'or' and also 'and' in my work. In some of my works you can see a structure one way and then another way, but not at the same time. In some works this happens at the same time. I am also interested in that moment before thought has fully coalesced, when the choices are like a glimmer of some possibility."

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