Expressionism Revisited

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John Goodrich reviews Crossroads: Lynette Lombard, David Paulson, and Thaddeus Radell at Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, on view through October 8, 2017.

Goodrich writes: “Lombard’s paintings are unpopulated by human figures, and also appear to be anchored in immediate observations – though these are heightened by twisting, vertiginous plunges of space. Despite such distortions, Lombard’s sure sense of form and color convincingly locates every element … Paulson’s fiercely-hued landscapes, teeming with distended figures, appear at once more personal and more removed. His surfaces – gnarled and knotted, as if stirred from molten pigment – feel intimately tormented, but his scenes read like unearthly dreams … Radell focuses more directly on historical subject matter… Such scenes he conjures with heavily reworked surfaces, built up of layers of troweled and scraped paint, sometimes embedded with shreds of burlap. Into this pulsing flux of color – the artist prefers vivid blue-greens and red-inflected earth colors — he incises forms with tenebrous black lines.”

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