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Fahrelnissa Zeid @ Tate Modern

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Emily Spicer reviews an exhibition of works by Fahrelnissa Zeid at Tate Modern, London, on view through October 8, 2017.

Spicer writes that in Zeid’s painting Resolved Problems (1948), “[figuration] drops away entirely. This is a joyously coloured canvas of gestural shapes that seem to jostle in front of your eyes. Red is the dominant colour, a hot, vivid hue that holds together the greens, blues, yellows, whites and purples. These vast canvases of interlocking shapes are seductive displays of energy and movement. There is even depth in these abstracts, areas of smaller pattern that suck you in. Zeid wanted to be surrounded by these works, to be immersed in them, and she pinned her largest canvases to the walls and even rolled them out for people to walk on.”

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