Farrell Brickhouse: Studio Visit

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Christopher Joy and Zachary Keeting visit the studio of painter Farrell Brickhouse.

Brickhouse speaks at length about the motivations behind his work. He comments: "I realized really I'm a story teller, I like telling stories… I look at an artist like Goya, and you look at the range of things he was able to speak to through his career… he could do the court… he could the Disasters of War, document what was happening to his country. Then he could do these strange, mythological, metaphorical paintings of a society that had lapsed into rumor and magic… So, I try to see what I can speak to in my own work, can I make a painting about lying next to my wife at night, the beauty and miracle of that, or taking a shower. Or, can I make a painting about death, the bigger subject."

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