Five Bay Area Painters & William Bailey

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Franklin Einspruch reviews two exhibitions in New Haven: Five West Coast Artists: Bischoff, Diebenkorn, Neri, Park, and Thiebaud at Yale University Art Gallery (through July 13) and William Bailey at Giampietro Gallery (through July 12).

Einspruch writes that in the 1950s, "Bay Area Figuration, an undersung movement (undersung relative to Pop, anyway) of west coast painting and sculpture that took the discoveries of then-recent abstraction and applied them to figurative subjects… something novel yet as visually luscious as AbEx… A small sampling, but an excellent one, is on display at the Yale University Art Gallery … in contrast to the Yale show, where the artists are using the methods of abstraction to make figurative paintings, Bailey is doing the converse. The objects and spaces are drawn with a precision that harkens to Charles Scheeler, but his objective is to work the color field, making arrangements of shapes based on the Umbrian palette that has terra rosa, yellow ochre, and cobalt blue as its primaries."

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