Franceso Clemente: Interview

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Alex Bacon interviews painter Franceso Clemente on the occasion of the exhibition Clemente > Brazil > Yale, at the Yale School of Art, on view through June 2, 2013.

Clemente comments: "every single moment of the unfolding experience of the work is just a pretext to move on, to move forward from that moment. It’s never supposed to be a beginning or an ending, it’s supposed to be a transition. I know that images cannot stand alone, and they’re not supposed to, they’re just supposed to appear and disappear, and the kind of substance I want to give them is a transitional one. I don’t want them to be rigid, I don’t want them to be static, I don’t want them to be dogmatic; they’re just moments, that’s it, no more and no less. And I emphasize the 'no less,' because how many chances do we have to live a moment right now, that is not mediated, that is not imposed, that is not taken for granted?"

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