Frank Stella @ Leslie Feely Gallery

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Michael Klein reviews the recent exhibition Frank Stella: Works from 1971 to 1987 at Leslie Feely Gallery, New York.

Klein writes "What I … appreciate and admire is his restlessness and almost relentless need for invention and exploration. He addresses painting as a proposition. In that proposition exist many solutions and permutations and the possibilities of precisely how far you could push the notion of painting into something that might actually evolve into sculpture. If Sol Lewitt moved painting from the canvas to the wall, then Stella moved painting into the third dimension. He made something come off the wall into the viewer’s space. Ironically both men rely upon an architectural setting to provide the context in which the work is to be presented. Lewitt needs a wall or walls that determine the height and length of a wall drawing, Stella the dimensions of a wall because his paintings are no longer bound by the limits of stretcher bar or frame."

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