Fred Pollock: Studio Visit

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Painter Fred Pollock hosts a group studio visit with Hilde Skilton, Mark Skilton, Anne Smart, Anthony Smart, Ben Wiedel-Kaufmann, Robin Greenwood, Sarah Greenwood, John Bunker, Nick Moore, Ashley West, Fred Crayk, Saul Greenberg, Emyr Williams, John Pluthero, Patrick Jones, and Sam Cornish.

Discussing his work, Pollock comments: "I’m aware of the space in the painting, but I never consciously think about it, or think 'I’m going to make a space there or make a space there', I just put the paint and the colours down… and all of a sudden something happens… you know you have got something there, you’ve achieved something… Colour is the motivation of everything else in the painting and it’s a question of how complicated can you make it and still keep everything in its place and working together."

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