Gary Petersen: zip line tow rope

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Noreen Kress reviews the exhibition Gary Petersen: zip line tow rope, curated by Alexis Granwell at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia, on view through August 31, 2014.

Kress writes: "Forsaking the clean white wall paint for a creamy yellow, Petersen created a floor-to-ceiling backdrop, upon which plays a multitude of flashing, dancing color. The painted forms crisscross the walls in hard-edge, horizontal strips, ranging from candied pinks, purples, and oranges to powder blues and dusty grays. At moments, they interlock and weave together, harmonizing, but never at right angles, creating a dialogue of imperfect geometry… Petersen works with the gargantuan format of wall painting confidently and mindfully, exploring the conversation between two intersecting walls with a dynamic juxtaposition."

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