George Nick: The World is Flat

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Catherine Kehoe posts an interview with painter George Nick.

Nick comments: "In the beginning, I always felt I couldn't remake the world but I would like to try. I didn't know how so I tried different ways. I am still doing that. I am not that focused. I go out to paint. I look for something to paint. All these ideas stay in the background, out of sight, until I am through painting. I get ideas from the act of painting and it guides me either into a dogma or chaos. All my paintings start from what is seen. The painting marries in different ways and set up its own laws, which I try to deduce and follow. The awareness did not change the painting. The conclusions of the finished piece changed the process of translating the seen."

George Nick, The World is Flat (Until You Paint It) will be on view at Gallery NAGA, Boston from November 12 – December 17, 2011.

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