Giacometti in Bushwick

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Allison Galgiani reviews the exhibition Giacometti and a Selection of Contemporary Drawings, at Norte Maar, Bushwick, Brooklyn, on view through February 17, 2013.

Galgiani writes: "The stubborn humanity and personality that can be seen in Giacometti’s sculpture, paintings and drawings, like his Double Sided Drawing featuring Double Portrait of Diego and Standing Man Arms Outstretched (c.1947-1950), featured in the Norte Maar exhibition, which through its juxtaposition with the various contemporary drawings proves to be timeless and undying… The exhibition features ten contemporary artists, most of whom work in Bushwick… most of the pieces possessed a similar sobriety to the Giacometti by which they were all so inspired… In this exhibition, Norte Maar presents a mature and thought-provoking dialogue between contemporary drawing and Giacometti’s mid-century oeuvre. Giacometti’s uncanny ability to toe the line between so many dichotomies – light and dark, material and space, figuration and abstraction, good and evil – will likely ring true for generations to come."

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