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Gillian Pederson-Krag: Interview

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Elana Hagler interviews painter Gillian Pederson-Krag about her work.

Asked about narrative, Pederson-Krag notes: "For me, the notion of the narrative just refers to content in general, my narrative is the way I answer the question 'what shall I paint?' This is not really as straightforward a question as it seems, though, it has many layers. On one level, it is the name of an object: an apple, a figure, an interior. But I also have to have a feeling sense about what kind of reality I want to see: the reality of sense experience? Dream reality? A somewhat stylized or abstracted reality? And of course these are not questions that I can answer with words; they are all issues that only get resolved through working in the studio. And like everything else about painting, it seems to change and grow over time as I also evolve."

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