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Guillermo Kuitca: Painting as a Resistance Movement

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Mari Carmen Ramírez interviews artist Guillermo Kuitca.

Kutica comments: "Many times the voice of an artist unfolds into a painting. I do not think that painting is a torch that has to be passed, nor is it a tradition that has to be maintained. Painting is a very resistant medium, but my intention is to make painting a resistant movement. The death of painting is happening to me too. I feel it while I am working, so I do not ignore it. There are moments in the practice when I can feel how all of those cycles come and go. What I believe makes painting so interesting and such a battleground is the mere fact that it has been declared dead; I cannot see another medium in which one can explore with such an incredible freedom. It is because the struggle occurs inside, it is very private. I think that the measure of the painting relies on what you can accomplish in that private moment. I am not so sure if you can achieve that in other mediums."

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