Guy Corriero: Interview

Michael Rutherford interviews artist Guy Corriero about his work.

Corriero, who makes both painting and sculpture, says of his paintings: "I have been building my paintings the same way for a long time; hand-made, irregular rectangles cut from 1/8" poplar sheets with a frame-type edge glued on, then layering them with many coats traditional gesso (rabbit skin glue and chalk), usually in just slightly warmer or cooler tones of white, gray, or yellow. Over weeks or months the surfaces build up, creating unique tactile painting-like objects. I think of the surfaces as skin-like and the shapes body-like… kind of intimate abstract portraits. I like that the paintings may have a connection to the people around me or the Greenpoint neighborhood were I worked for 25 years. I have even photographed friends and family holding the paintings in front of their faces, a kind of portrait or mask."

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