Hearne Pardee: Interview

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Sarah Granett interviews painter Hearne Pardee.

Pardee comments: " I combine work inside and outside the studio. I’m really concerned with perception, with observing, through painting on site, which I then combine and edit in the studio. That editing process goes in two directions. One is going in and dissecting the painting by using colored patterns to break up the image or enlarge on it. The other is putting several of these paintings together in a grid, and letting one interact with another to create a composite image. In the studio I’m also constantly observing the effect of one color on another and making changes… When you’re looking at something you’re in the space, and your body is in there and you have movement — which means rhythm and your sense of where things are, and how big and heavy things are. That is where I want to start — with your own body in relation to what’s around you."

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