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Hearne Pardee: Visual Resources

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Sandy Walker writes about the recent work of Hearne Pardee, on view at Bowery Gallery, New York through December 22, 2012.

Walker writes that "a new aspect emerging in Pardee’s most recent work work adds a new layer, beyond plein air, in the artistic process. After his open-air observations he returns to the studio to add a different sort of color, color made from pieces of paper in generic shapes. He hand paints and then collages pieces of paper onto the surface of his established image… In the process he moves away from observation and works with the materials and the surface. In this way he is returning to his roots, both to Albers’ teaching as well as his love of Cézanne. What he seeks is the distinctiveness of motif as each painting – no longer a 'hodgepodge of colors' but a painting made into something more personal – approaches memories of things past."

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