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Hilde Skilton: Studio Visit

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Painter Hilde Skilton hosts a group studio visit with Anne Smart, Mark Skilton, Anthony Smart, Robin Greenwood, Sarah Greenwood, John Bunker, Alexandra Harley, Nick Moore.

Considering Skilton's paintings, Anne Smart comments that there is "no individual incident in them that makes them into a ‘thing’. The ‘whole thing’ is a happening. I like the fact that that each painting is a whole ‘happening’. The space you talk about, in a more technical way, becomes even more clear and more natural – an all-over space. One of the things that for some may be a problem is the similar shapes, the ‘head-like’ elements, the system of this; but I thought this was their strength. Each of them has so many different things happening within them… well, it’s just so surprising how a single shape slowly, slowly, builds up intensity."

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