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Hilma Af Klint: ‘Interview’

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Matthew Collings conducts a fictional “interview” with painter Hilma Af Klint.

Colling’s Af Klint notes: “if you’re a painter you spend a lot of time getting things right, getting forms to be efficient so that whatever you’re hoping to get across can have a chance of being coherent, of actually communicating to someone. You’re basically narrowing down to a very visual priority…. The trouble is, no one has yet taken the trouble to see my paintings in this ‘seeing-through’ way… But when [biographical/historical] narrative is the only focus of the art experience, the experience of painting – this discipline with its tangible realities, its materiality, its forms and colours – then there is a lack of understanding of what the experience is really about, and if you don’t understand that then you’re not really having the experience, you’re going through the motions only.”

(h/t: PORT)

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