Hope Gangloff: Interview

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Yuri Masnyj interviews painter Hope Gangloff about her work.

Asked about switching photographic source material to posed models, Gangloff comments: "I’m using it to my advantage that people will pose for me. They will come over and model, and I get to have a freshness that wasn’t there before, when working from a composite of photos… I’m just trying to get the lines down. At that moment, I’m not bothered by accuracy of shadows. I’m interested in line and how it can make space look—not in how light actually is or how space actually is… it’s a very frantic, almost desperate couple of hours that I’m working to get the lines down. I always look forward to the challenge of painting a person who can’t help but move… I like immediate gratification. I don’t trust photographs—I trust my eyes and my sense of space when I step back from something."

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