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Ingrid Calame: Tracks

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James Kalm visits the exhibition Ingrid Calame: Tracks at James Cohan Gallery, New York, on view through February 8, 2014.

As noted in the gallery press release, the show centers around the installation "Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pits #4, #7, #9, #26, #32, #33, #35, #37, #39, #40 … a vibrantly-colored large-scale pounce wall drawing wrapping around all four walls of the main gallery and incorporating tracings of tire tracks from the Indy Speedway. Calame has worked in the Renaissance technique of pounce transfer since 2010, executed by pushing powdered pigment through a perforated template to apply a dotted under-drawing to the wall behind. This installation is her first to layer pounce patterns, combining the intricate forms of rubber skid marks on diamond-cut asphalt to kaleidoscopic effect. As she explains, 'I try to control how the pigment transfers through the holes in the paper but there is a lot of chance—pouncing causes little explosions through each hole that radiate out. It is an event, like a drawing/dance.'"

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