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Jackie Gendel: Revenge of the Same

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Kris Chatterson posts installation photos from the exhibition Jackie Gendel: Revenge of the Same at Jeff Bailey Gallery, New York, on view through February 9, 2013.

The gallery notes that the works in the exhibition "depict archers, views of bustling crowds framed through abstract geometries or broken waves, and at the “high water mark”, the repeated image of a woman carrying a man (later a man carrying a woman, and a woman carrying a woman) through waist-high waters. As in Gendel’s previous portraits, a change of gender or historical location may occur in a sleight-of-hand gesture of the brush, entire compositions lifted from art historical motifs may be repeated. Characters within Gendel’s narrative “revenge of the same” change roles between protagonists, victims and spectators, in addition to changing gender, ethnicity and origin."

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